Chris’s Sailing Blog

Skerries Lighthouse to Port, sailing Daisy around Anglesey

For a meeting icebreaker, a colleague once said “Chris Goes Sailing.”. Hence the rather naff working title for this blog.

I have been messing about in boats of one sort or another since early childhood.  The boats have ranged from kayaks and small dinghies, through more esoteric craft like Indian Ocean outriggers and a long tail “Cordless Canoe”, to various owned and chartered sailing cruisers and a couple of Sail Training vessels. The voyages have ranged from inland lakes and waterways to Britain’s wonderfully varied coastal waters and the warmer waters of the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. 

So why blog about it? Why not….?

This blog started as a random collection of pieces. Gradually a rough structure has emerged. 

  • Contessa 32 White Knight of Purbeck, is the boat we currently share and in which we are gradually sailing around Britain. The posts tell of our journey from the initial search for a boat through the first season sailing Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, the winter refit and continue our peregrination through the Clyde and on down through the Irish Sea to Wales. The story continues…………..
  • The Cornish Shrimper Daisy was in our care for 8 years and provided many adventures, some of which are fit for telling including our exploits around Anglesey and the Clyde. 
  • There have also been adventures In Other Boats including a Cordless Drill powered folding kayak “Kleppie & the Long Tail”, Gordon’s Drascombe Lugger in which we competed in the Sail Caledonia Great Glen Raid in 2008. Also some cruises in chartered yachts.
  • The Miscellaneous Scribbles are just that, a collection of posts on a wider range of  subjects. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

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